Ueshiro NoVA Instructors

Kyoshi Sal Scaglione

Hachi-Dan and Co-Shihan

Kyoshi Sal began his Karate training in 1969 with his father, Hanshi Robert Scaglione, at the age of 9. Having trained with his father for over 40 years, Kyoshi Sal understands the benefits of families training together and welcomes each new student to consider the same. Kyoshi Sal enjoys the fitness benefits of Karate training and enjoys performing Kata each day. Training in Northern Virginia since teaming up with Sensei Joe & Teresa Knight in 1998, Kyoshi Sal enjoys the family like atmosphere for all of the Northern Virginia students. Placing an emphasis on the Zen and fitness aspects of Shorin-Ryu Karate training, Kyoshi Sal keeps the focus on those training benefits while recognizing that Shorin-Ryu Karate is a great self-defense tool and incorporates discipline and confidence into all who train. Kyoshi Sal had the privilege of sharing time on the deck with Master Ansei Ueshiro and is proud to be a part of perpetuating the art Master Ueshiro introduced here decades ago.

Sensei Patrick Markowitz


Sensei Patrick began his Shorin-Ryu training in 2000 under the tutelage of Senseis Joe and Theresa Knight and Kyoshi Scaglione as one of the first 10 students of the Centreville dojo. He believes in the philosophy that a karateka (karate practitioner) gets out of karate exactly what one puts into it and that karate is all about the journey to overcome one’s self-imposed limitations. He enjoys teaching children and adults alike and especially helping students realize their inner mental and physical strengths through positive reinforcement, vigorous training, and the fellowship of karate-do.

Sensei Lisa Markowitz

Go-Dan and Co-Shihan

Growing up in a working-class coal mining community in the Midlands, UK, Sensei Lisa discovered the importance of self-defense at a young age, but it wasn't until her college years that she formalized her training in Shoto-Kan karate. After a brief hiatus for study and military deployment assignments, she rekindled her passion for karate in the Matsubayashi Shorin-Ryu style when she and her husband, Patrick, and their two children (Hannah and Jonah, both Shodans) began training together under the tutelage of Senseis Joe and Teresa Knight and Kyoshi Sal Scaglione. She has been hooked and making an x in the book ever since!

Sensei Shabbir Kazmi


When faced with an opponent always move forward is one of the key philosophies and practices of Shorin-Ryu Karate that has become the foundation of life for Sensei Shabbir Kazmi. Born in Pakistan, he emigrated with his family at the age of 15 to the USA to adapt to a new way of life, but it wasn’t until he was 32 that he joined the learning halls of the New York, Hombo, Shorin-Ryu Karate Dojo. His first 5 years of training were about pushing beyond his comfort zone, the rigors of physical training, learning new techniques, and acquiring self-respect. After achieving his 1st degree Black Belt, it was about teaching the art to his family and friends. His last 7 years of training have been spent polishing the stone at the Northern Virginia Dojo under the tutelage of Kyoshi Sal Scaglione and Sensei(s) Markowitz, which has been a most rewarding lifetime experience.

Sempai Bill Breidenbach


At age 52 with stress mounting at work, Sempai Bill had reached a crossroad of either having to find a new job or find an outlet to help alleviate the stress and improve his health, both physically and mentally. Having spent 3 years training in Karate when he was much younger, he remembered the many benefits. So, with some trepidation given his age, he decided to give it another try. He walked into the Centreville dojo Saturday morning on Jan 22, 2011 and hasn’t looked back. He is very humbled to have the opportunity to be a part of this great organization and to lead an occasional class helping propagate this wonderful art. As we teach we learn.