Fees and Testing


Twice a year, in February and August, Ueshiro Shorin-Ryu Northern Virginia conducts testing that includes promotions to solid color belts (aka green, brown, black belts). In between those times, intermediate tip testing may be conducted if students are deemed ready. Tip testing can occur in the months of April, June, October, or December. At the lower ranks, students may be tested more frequently but at the higher ranks, testing frequency could be years in length. The focus of traditional karate-do is not on promotions and belt colors, but rather on training and the diligent practice of kata.

Ueshiro Shorin-Ryu Ranks and Belt Colors:Master Ueshiro

Beginner (white belt)
Ro-Kyu (white belt with one green tip)
Go-Kyu (white belt with two green tips)
Yon-Kyu (green belt)
San-Kyu (green belt with brown tips)
Ni-Kyu (brown belt)
IK-Kyu (brown belt with black tips)

Sho-Dan (1st degree black belt)
Ni-Dan (2nd degree black belt)
San-Dan (3rd degree black belt)
Yon-Dan (4th degree black belt)
Go-Dan (5th degree black belt)
Roku-Dan (6th degree black belt)
Shichi-Dan (7th degree black belt)
Hachi-Dan (8th degree black belt)
Ku-Dan (9th degree black belt)
Ju-Dan (10th degree black belt)

Children Additional Belts:

A yellow belt may be awarded to children as an intermediate step between the ranks of Go-Kyu and Yon-Kyu. Orange belts may also be awarded to children as an intermediate step between the ranks of San-Kyu and Ni-Kyu. These intermediate steps help the young student mature further prior to their next rank. All students under 18 years of age are required to have colored belts with a white stripe along it (including Sho-Dan) to denote that they are a child. Upon their 18th birthday, solid color belts will be awarded.

Qualification requirements for testing and promotion are described in detail in the “The Shorin-Ryu Okinawa Karate Question and Answer Book” (aka the Red Book) on pages 78-79. Review and permission to test from your Sensei/Shihan is required in advance of the testing day.

All those testing must submit a paragraph or essay (younger children may submit a drawing) to their Sensei/Shihan describing their thoughts on karate. A testing fee must also be paid in advance of the test. Adult Yon-Kyu and above must also have their annual membership fee paid in full (annual membership fees are due in November of every calendar year). Those testing must wear a clean gi with the Shorin-Ryu patch correctly placed on the gi.

Testing Fees:

$10 for Ro-Kyu (White Belt with One Green Tip)
$20 for Go-Kyu (White Belt with Two Green Tips)
$25 for Yellow Belt (optional intermediate level for youth)
$60 for Yon-Kyu (Green Belt)
$30 for San-Kyu (Green Belt with Brown Tips)
$35 for Orange Belt (optional intermediate level for youth)
$80 for Ni-Kyu (Brown Belt)
$40 for Ik-Kyu (Brown Belt with Black Tips)
$200 for Dan (Black Belt Degree)

Testing Requirements per Rank:

Testing for White Belt Green Tips (Ro-Kyu and Go-Kyu):
Fukyugata Ichi (for Ro-Kyu); Fukyugata Ichi and Fukyugata Ni (for Go-Kyu)
Basic techniques: high block (jodan uke), chest block (chudun uke), low block forward leaning stance (zenkutsu dachi gedan barai uke), side-squat punch (oi zuki), front snap kick (mae geri)
Pushups: Men – 10 knuckle pushups, Women and Children – 10 pushups (modified, conventional, or knuckle)
10 punches from squatting position (jigotai-dachi)

Testing for Green Belt (Yon-Kyu):
Minimum of 6 months training
Fukyugata 1-3
Yakusoku kumite 1
Breaking technique

Testing for Brown Tips (San-Kyu):
Minimum of 6 months training as Yon-Kyu
Fukyugata 1-3
Pinan 1-2
Yakusoku kumite 1-2

Testing for Brown Belt (Ni-Kyu):
Minimum of 12 months training as San-Kyu
Fukyugata 1-3
Pinan 1-5
Yakusoku kumite 1-3
Breaking technique

Testing for Black Tips (Ik-kyu):
Minimum of 12 months training as Ni-Kyu
Fukyugata 1-3
Pinan 1-5
Naihanchi 1
Yakusoku kumite 1-3

Testing for Black Belt (Sho-Dan):
Minimum of 12 months training as Ik-Kyu
Fukyugata 1-3
Pinan 1-5
Naihanchi 1-3
Weapon Kata
Yakusoku kumite 1-4
Breaking technique

Any exception to the length of time necessary for the above ranks is at the discretion of the Shihan. All other prerequisites are at the discretion of Hanshi.