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Why Join Ueshiro Shorin-Ryu Northern Virginia?

Not only does USRKUSA combine cardio, strength, balance, and stretching to meet personal fitness goals, but it also helps the practitioner build self-assurance and humility into every facet of their life to become the best version of themself.

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We believe in GROUP EFFORT

We train and grow together as a small group, which creates a great learning experience, fostering strength and confidence. Our dojo is centrally located in Centerville, Virginia (14401 Compton Village Drive, Centreville, VA 20121), where we train every Saturday morning starting at 7:30 am, please see our complete class schedule.


Here is our weekly schedule:

Monday - 6:00 pm-7:30 pm - zoom class

Tuesday - 7:30 am- 8:30 am - zoom class 

Tuesday - 6:00 pm-7:30 pm - Reston Meadows

Thursday - 7:30 am- 8:30 am - zoom class

Thursday - 6:00 pm-7:30 pm - zoom class

Saturday - 7:30 am-8:00 am - weapons class

Saturday - 8:00 am-9:00 am - Centerville 

Last Saturday of the month at Great Falls Park


(Additional Zoom classes are available every day from worldwide dojo locations, upon joining as the member)


Adults - $40 per month

Kids - $30 per month

Family of 3 or more - $90 per month

Yearly membership fee $25 Kyu level
and $145 for Black belts

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